Started from the bottom, now we’re here.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here.

Since we’re on a deadline to move in, I’ve been pretty stressed about making progress on our surprise kitchen renovation. Lucky for me, Jordan and his friends/family have been extremely on top of it, and I can’t even explain how awesome it is to walk into our kitchen and actually see a room, not just a bunch of studs and pizza boxes on the ceiling. Here’s where we were last week:


As a fun surprise, we found out that there was no insulation in the walls in the kitchen, so the first order of business was to stick insulation in. Side note, insulation makes you itchy. I saved that job for Jordan. Here he is hanging some supports for the cabinets before we put in the drywall.

The next step was to get the sheetrock up:


Followed by the super fun job of taping and spackling the seams. I was only allowed to do parts that would be hidden by the cabinets, and for good reason. This job requires more patience than I have.


They got the whole room done pretty quickly:



Jordan and his friend even installed recessed lighting which I am super excited about!



You can see the drill bit melting here, because the ceiling is partially made from concrete, because WHY NOT!? Goodbye $60 drill bit. It was nice having you.



The recessed lighting makes a huge difference in the brightness level of the room. There are no outside windows in the kitchen, so it can feel a bit dreary in there. The dark, old ceiling fan isn’t really helping either, so we’re giving that the boot too.

You can see just a bit of the sunshine yellow wall (original plaster wall) in the upper righthand corner of that last picture – new paint to come!



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