Measure twice, move once??

Measure twice, move once??

Ahhhh, gorgeous new cabinets! Let’s all focus on that for a second, before I tell you how we rode the struggle bus to get here.

I mentioned before that we got our cabinets from Beckerle Lumber in Haverstraw. Working with them was great – they dropped the cabinets off last Saturday morning, and I was super anxious to get them installed. The first step was painting the kitchen so that we could hang the cabinets. After 2 coats of my BFF, Kilz, I (YES, ME!!) painted on two coats of Behr’s Dew Pointe. The amount of deliberation that went into choosing this color… I can’t even tell you, but it came out gorgeous, and I’m ridiculously proud that I painted the kitchen because let’s be honest, I’ve never painted anything before. Ok, totally honest. Jordan did the cutting in, and he’s an awesome painter, but I’m still tooting my own horn.

First thing we did for a successful counter installation – draw out how the cabinets will go before we hang them up, because once they’re up, we wouldn’t want to move them. That’d be terrible. Wouldn’t want to do that. Eye roll.




Second thing we were advised to do – hang the wall cabinets first. Nobody wants to reach over base cabinets to hang wall cabinets. Up went the first cabinet.


At this point I’m SO EXCITED. The cabinets look great, I love the color, this is going to work perfectly together. LOL. The wall cabinets (only 4 of them due to the windows in the kitchen), went up really quickly, so they moved on to put in the base cabinets. We had to start with this custom, blind cabinet that we had to use due to the corner configuration and my insistence at not having an awkward corner sink.

Welp. The blind cabinet caused some issues. While they had measured and drawn the map on the wall, the blind cabinet has some flexibility. It could be placed between 9″-13″ from the wall to allow for the configuration to work with the other cabinets, and they didn’t put it out far enough… so the cabinet door and drawer would never have been able to open with how it was laid out. I was given 2 options:

  1. Never open the drawer or cabinet door in the future
  2. Move everything down 4″, including the wall cabinets (since they were centered over the base cabinets/stove with the over the range microwave included in the measurement)

I obviously went for option 2, in the interest of making my husband want to kill me just a little. Kidding! Kind of.

Realistically though, while it added a few hours on to the process, we needed to be able to use the cabinet AND drawer. We’re going from a LOT of cabinets in our rental home to a smaller number in our new home, and we need to maximize space.

So how did we move the cabinets, you ask? We’d already screwed the cabinets to each other, during the wall cabinet installation. Three people held the cabinets while Jordan ran up and down 3 ladders to unscrew the cabinets from the wall, we pushed the cabinets over 4″, and he ran back up and down the ladders again getting them screwed back to the walls.

Here is that frustrating blind cabinet:

It was a comedy of errors, but honestly, by Sunday night, we had all of the cabinets mounted, and all we were left with was a few spots to touch up.

I’d say that this was a fairly successful installation for our complete lack of experience with installing cabinets. We’re making progress, and I can’t wait to share what the house looks like without those sweet 70s floors!

2 thoughts on “Measure twice, move once??”

  • Looks good Doozier! Does the paint have a wall blue undertone? What kind of pulls are you putting on the cabinets and drawers?

    • Thanks 🙂 The walls are definitely a beachy blue/green — I think that it favors both colors, depending on the light. We’re going with cup pulls on the drawers and knobs on the doors – both in an oil rubbed bronze. We aren’t putting them on until Jordan adjusts the doors after the counters are on, but I will post pics!

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