A whole new world.

A whole new world.


So last week, we had our floors installed, and that really changed the whole look of the house. Here’s a peek of them from the front door. I was literally so excited to walk in, and this is the first shot I grabbed:



I’ve been feeling pretty lucky to have inherited such an awesome NY family through Jordan, which includes Ray, who happens to be my favorite floor guy and owner at Ray’s Magical Carpets aka County Carpet aka CarpetsPlus in Congers. When we were choosing floors, Ray brought floor samples into our house based on what I thought I wanted and let me live with the samples and make sure I loved what I was buying. When we’ve told people about our fixer upper, every single person has recommended using CarpetsPlus, which is hilarious to me, but it really shows how awesome they are!

We also got appliances which finally makes the kitchen feel like a kitchen! Jordan and I bought Samsung appliances from BestBuy during their Black Friday sale months ago, and they’ve been holding them for us for 2 months, but Saturday was the day, and the appliances rolled in.

Come on now, you know that nothing at this house is that easy. We had to take 4 doors off the house and the refrigerator JUST BARELY fit in the door (I was holding my breath), but the appliances made it! Jordan and Dusty got them installed, and now we (LOL, Jordan) just have to plumb them in, and we’ll be all set.

We picked out our counters with Kathy at Beckerle Lumber last week. Based on some discussions and research, I hd decided to go with a quartz countertop. My original counter wish when we decided to buy white cabinets (instead of refinishing the cabinets that came with the house) was poured concrete, but Jordan vetoed that idea so fast. Concrete counters require supports and quite a bit of maintenance, and even though they look SO COOL and are relatively inexpensive, he pointed out that if this is going to be our forever kitchen, we should pick something that is going to last and not make more work for us in the future. I apologize for the terrible picture quality here, but when I went into select the counters, I thought I was pretty set on the counter on the left:

That’s Caesarstone Concrete, but when we got to the showroom, we saw the Rugged Concrete sample, which I had initially disliked based on the online view. We ended up loving it in real life. You can see from my terrible picture how much glare there is on the Concrete sample, which would have driven me nuts. Nobody wants glare from their recessed lights on the counter. The Rugged Concrete actually looked and felt more like true concrete and the variations in the top give it some interest, and I think it will wear better as we break the kitchen in, as opposed to the shiny surface which would make me kind of nuts if it ended up dulling in some places. Anyway, long story short, I love the interwebs, but taking a trip to the showroom really switched my perspective and helped me find a counter that I really love!

They came out to template the counters, which was actually a really cool process. I thought that it would involve a tape measure and some notes, but they actually built a life-size representation of our counter on top of the cabinet bases:

You can also check out our pretty appliances. Please note that my husband insisted that we buy a matching package so that all the handles matched each other. His OCD really makes my heart skip a beat!

2 thoughts on “A whole new world.”

  • Good choice going with quartz! Like the Rugged Concrete better than the other one. What does your backsplash look like? Do you have an island? What are the dimensions of the kitchen?

    • Thanks!! I didn’t know much about quartz before we started the process, but I’m not a huge fan of how veiny granite can be, so I was excited to find the Rugged Concrete quartz 🙂

      We are planning to do a subway tile backsplash in the near future, likely white tile with gray grout to bring the cabinet/floor colors together. Our island is currently on back order – https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/darby-home-co-gilchrist-kitchen-island-set-dbhm7894.html – but I’m hoping to have it mid-February because we need the storage!

      The kitchen is a decent size – about 12×15 all together. I’m sure it will seem smaller once all of our things are in there and the island arrives!

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