A gray area.

A gray area.

We ordered our counters and they templated last week, but they gave us a 7-10 day guesstimate for when the counters would be installed. When we received a call to have the counter fabricators come out the very next day, I was so excited that we’d have counters installed before we moved in. Insert LOL here.

This is the countertop that they tried to leave me with:



You can clearly see that there is a distinct color variation between the left side and the right side of the counters. We knew that there would be a seam in the countertops, and we went with their suggestion of putting it around the sink because that was the least amount of surface area that would have a visible seam.

We also knew that the counter we picked would have color variations because it is supposed to look like concrete, but we assumed that they would try to make sure that the seam was not noticeable, or at the very least that there would be a range of color variation that was acceptable between the two sides of the counter.

To be quite honest, I wasn’t having it. The installers did a great job with getting the counter in, but the obvious difference in the two shades of gray was frustrating. It’s not like the seam is hidden in the back or a corner – our sink is front and center and the first thing that you’re going to see when you walk in our kitchen. I asked the installers what our options were, and they essentially said that there was nothing they could do. Jordan and I ended up speaking with a manager at the counter fabrication company and our contact at Beckerle – the fabricators agreed to remove the countertops and work to find a closer match for the seam pieces.

We’re currently still waiting for the counters to be re-fabricated and re-installed. Unfortunately moving day has already come and gone, so we’re existing in our new home without a working kitchen. We aren’t able to tie in the plumbing or have a kitchen sink until the counters are in, so it’s a bit of an adventure… and now the stacks of boxes are calling my name!

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