The One Where We Finally Live in the House.

The One Where We Finally Live in the House.

Please enjoy the only view of my countertops clean and empty that there ever will be. Please also note that I have chosen a very small section of my house to show you because the rest of it looks like a bomb went off. For real. Moving is hard, y’all.

More importantly, we do have actual countertops that are seamed pretty darn well, all things considering. Here’s what they installed last week:



I mean, LOL. Poor effort making those counter sections match.


Here’s the counter today, after the reinstallation:



The seam is so much less noticeable! I am sure that the counter fabricators hate me, but the difference is really night and day. Living here for the last week without a sink or counters hasn’t been that awesome, but I’m glad we pressed them to make the counters right instead of living with something that we weren’t 100% happy with.

Status update:

  • I trip over a box or bag every time I walk through the house. Gotta love that clumsy gene!
  • Every 4.5 minutes that sweet husband of mine yells “REESE, WHERE IS _______?!!?” as if I know where everything is hiding. Ahhh, marriage!
  • We still have no water in the kitchen – hoping that we have a working sink/dishwasher by Sunday.
  • We have no vanity/sink in our main bathroom due to a pipe that needs replacing and needing a replacement faucet… because the faucet that we bought came with no handle or spout. I’d like to thank whoever removed the handle and spout, repackaged the box, and returned it to Home Depot for that special surprise. People are so sweet!
  • Only 870 items (rough estimate) left to unpack!
  • We installed this super awesome lock on our front door. 100% recommend. I never have to try and dig my keys out of my purse again. Life win.


Happy Weekend!

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