Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

While we’ve had the cabinets up for a few weeks now, we had other competing priorities, so we never got around to adding the pulls. We decided to tackle this quick fix this weekend, so I am no longer in danger of breaking a nail when trying to pry our (misaligned) doors open. Progress, people.

We had installed cabinet pulls in our rental home, so I knew that we were happy with the Cosmas brand from Amazon.

For the drawers:

For the doors:

Here’s how we did it.

First, Jordan made a template out of an index card. This was super helpful for ensuring that all the pulls were placed in the same spot.

Then he marked each cabinet:

And finally the drill made its appearance.

I may have panicked thinking about how much these cabinets cost and now we were putting holes in them…

But I got called to duty – holding a bowl under the drill so that we didn’t get tiny little wood bits all over the kitchen. He really does understand me. My mom is so proud.

Then I was allowed to use a non-power tool to install the knobs.


They looked gorgeous!

This project cost us less than $45 (I ordered the hardware several weeks ago when it was slightly less expensive), and when I told my aunt how inexpensive the pulls were, she was horrified (Hi Aunt Denise!), having had to pay by the pull several years ago! What can I say? Amazon has EVERYTHING. We also have quite a few left over, which is great in case any finish wears from use/cleaning.

I’m so much happier that our projects are smaller scale right now (30 minutes!) and a little easier on the wallet.

Now I’m off to remind my husband how great the cabinet doors will look when they’re aligned šŸ˜‰

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