Island Time.

Island Time.

I wish we could say that the kitchen is 100% finished (is anything every truly ‘finished’?!!?), but we recently purchased a kitchen island, which has definitely helped the kitchen feel more put together, so I wanted to share this new addition.

When we bought the cabinets, I would have loved to add an island to the package, but it wasn’t quite in the budget. Scratch that, the countertop that an island would need is what tipped the scales. Holy cow, quartz is expensive. Adding another piece of countertop would have tipped us into the next thousand (gulp), so we decided to explore other options. I originally was in love with an island from Wayfair, but the island went on backorder right before I was ready to purchase it, and it remained that way for MONTHS. Did I mention that I’m not patient?! In addition, the island had been priced at $499 when I found it (and I had a dated screenshot), but a few weeks later, the new price was $649. Since $250 is a lot of money for these new homeowners these days, we tried contacting Wayfair to ask them to honor the previous price, but they basically said ‘nope.’ Bummer.

I decided to shop around, and I found this island on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website. It was $299 and matched pretty closely with the coffee cart that my brother got us (skip over here to see that). By a stroke of luck, I had also gotten one of Bed Bath & Beyond’s 20% off coupons in the mail that day AND we received a sweet housewarming card with a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card in it (thanks Aunt Grace!). What a great mail day! I decided to make the purchase, figuring what could go wrong?! LOL.

So nothing went wrong, per se, but when the island came, it was in approximately 100 pieces. Seriously. I’m positive that my husband wanted to kill me when he saw the parts coming out of the box like a never-ending magic trick. Two hours and some language of caring later, we had this baby ready to roll (literally!).

Full transparency – it did come with one broken piece, but I contacted the Customer Service email address in the directions, and they sent me a replacement within a few days. I did oil the butcher block top since it was a little dry, but I think that’s standard practice for butcher block. It’s also partially made from MDF or particle board, but the island is really perfect for what we need. It gives me a few extra drawers and cabinets for storage, can easily roll out of the way, we can eat at it when it’s just the two of us, and part of the countertop folds down if we need it to be a little more compact.

I found these adorable stools at my fav store, Target, and they are the perfect seating option. They’re just the right height and stackable if we need to store them. Target had them on sale + my trusty Red Card = come live with us. They also match the mint green walls, so in the words of Cinderella, they “fit perfectly!”

Come on, how cute is this baby?!


That gorgeous plant on the top is a gift from our neighborhood association. So sweet of them – sometimes it is nice living in the tiniest town! Too bad they don’t know I have a black thumb 🙂

PS. The island went on sale less than 3 weeks after I purchased it ($75 off), so I called BB&B’s customer service, and they adjusted the price and let me keep my 20% off coupon. Y’all have a customer for life.

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