I Got it from my Momma.

I Got it from my Momma.

I’m a little bit of a prattler. It started when I was old enough to talk; I’d give a full narration of my day – “First I got up, then I put on my polka dot dress” etc.

I’m going to fully blame this trait on genetics. You see, I’m the daughter of two writers. My momma has a background in communications and journalism. My daddy is a full time master of words, albeit in the pharmaceutical industry (what can I say, I came by that honestly too). So when it comes to words in our family, we have no shortage of them. Except maybe my brother. I think the rest of us talked too much for him. Whoops. Sorry, bud.

I digress.

My momma can’t help but narrate a little herself, so today, she’s my guest blogger. In case you don’t also call this lady mom (like most of my friends do), here’s a few things to know. She’s been retired for 30+ years (what can I say, I was too adorable to leave!), but she’s never stopped working. She’s taken care of our family in every capacity every single day of my life, and every day of the almost 35 years that she’s been married to my daddy. My momma has worn almost every hat, from classroom mom, to baseball coach, to chauffeur, to referee, to therapist, to speech-giver, to wedding planner, to world traveler and most importantly, she’s my friend. 

I mentioned how real the struggle has been for me with my parents in PA, and I’m counting the days until they grace my new-New York house with their presence, but for now, gracing my blog will have to suffice. Without further ado, here are Johanna’s thoughts.



Originally, I thought it was time for me to leave a reply on this blog. However,  my comments would overfill the designated box, so the fruit doesn’t fall fall from the tree, and the mother of the bride has become the mother of the blogger.

So, if you asked me for years ago what my hopes for Theresa were, I’m not sure they included a serious relationship with a New York resident (hence the need for the Home Away from Home Blog). As Theresa noted, we didn’t even clear the rehearsal dinner before the possibility of this little fixer-upper arose.

This bit of a fixer-upper became more of a reality during a tour in November. I’ve watched a lot of HGTV and try to channel my Property Brothers’ best moment, but I was nervous about the size of the project. We’ve been receiving a lot of FaceTime calls to keep up with the trials,tribulations, and joys of our own Chip and Joanna‘s work.

The bare studs were scary to say the least. You see, gutting the kitchen truly haven’t been contemplated except as a project a few years down their road. Thank God for Jordan‘s uncles and friends. While I can help plan a wedding….drilling and sheet rocking are not my forte. The pizza boxes stapled to the ceiling, I couldn’t even look 🙈

The cabinet hunt included looking online together, and the flooring install – well just thank you Ray. You made those choices so much easier. When those cabinets came in, I wish I was a fly on the wall to see how many people it took to install them. I heard it was three to hold, and one to run like a nut!

You can imagine the inter-state calls when the fridge wouldn’t fit through the doors and sat outside the snow. That was only surpassed by the counter install of two colors and the fact with the Spanish-speaking mom, the only one who can communicate with the crew, was in PA. AY DIOS MIO!

Thank God move in weekend was hectic but successful. I’m afraid my only contribution was a lowly pan of baked ziti. PS, Theresa just so you know husbands will never stop asking “where is???”

I love the lessons that my daughter has learned. Number one-YES!!! Everything in home repair is more complicated and expensive than you can plan for! Number two, I hate to be replaced by Kilz. Number three, we all have told you, you can do hard things. Number 4–and you appreciate it if you did the work for it.

Number 5, yes, patience has skipped over the Theresa the bride and Theresa the homeowner. No. 6–yes I am a consultant, drill sergeant, traffic cop, and organizing queen 😂

As far as the coffee station, we love that it’s called the Jordan model—and you could open a mug supercenter, without batting an eye. With one section designated just to Disney!

I love the finishing touches, especially Jordan working with the template and you catching the construction schmutz in a bowl. I am indeed a proud mama.

As far as island time, I’m glad you shopped around it seems very functional, is very cute, and fits in “perfectly!“

And now, my wish for that lovely house plant, I have hopes that you have not truly inherited my black thumb. I’ve always say that I’ve killed every plant but manage somehow to watch my children grow beautifully.

I wish you and Jordan all the joy in the world as you make the Yellow Cape B&B into a home, keep me on FaceTime speed dial, and enjoy your first year of married life.❤❤❤❤


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