Random Ramblings.

Random Ramblings.

It’s been a long and snowy 10ish days at the Yellow Cape B&B. We’ve been focused on some random projects around the house to spruce things up a bit.


Jordan added some trim board around a window that had been missing trim. The insulation was poking out the sides of the window, so this quick fix made the window feel more finished.

We also hung up some curtains in the smaller side of the house and got the small den semi-organized.



If you’re wondering what our plans are for this space, my husband will happily tell you that it’s going to become a bar/man cave/Sunday football oasis. We’re eventually planning on converting what is currently the den + small bedroom into the man zone, and we’ll be moving the bedroom into the storage room. Emphasis on the ‘eventually.’

We did have a brief warm spell for a whole day, and my favorite little dudes came over to help us remove a pesky tree that was growing out front and into our mudroom.


They are the sweetest workers, and they accept payments in the form of unlimited root beer floats. My kind of guys.

This tree was one of my least favorite things about the house, so I wasn’t at all sad to see it go! I’m also looking forward to redesigning our mudroom. You can see from the pictures that it’s all glass (plexiglass actually, ugh), and we’d like to put some functional windows in here while giving us a little more privacy, since the mudroom is the main artery between the two sides of our home.

Did I mention that all the snow up here has been a real bear? Last week’s nor’easter gave our poor white birch tree a run for its money. During the storm, it completely bent over and was touching our house and my car. Luckily neither sustained any damage, and our tree perked back up 2 days later.



You can barely tell we had a foot of snow just a few days before 🤔

We also had a fun surprise last weekend when Jordan went in our basement to check on our sump pump post-snow, and he found out that our shower was leaking due to the drainpipe slipping, because I guess that’s a thing.

I was less than excited when he called me from downstairs to help him replace and set a new drain and pipe in place. Nobody wants to be able to see their husband through the floor of the shower.

Aren’t you jealous of our date nights?!

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