Snail Things.

Snail Things.

It’s been a slow month again at the Yellow Cape B&B. We hosted our first overnight house guests – my parents were FINALLY able to make the trip up from Pennsylvania, and they spent a week in what my dad calls his “Cabin in the Adirondacks” which I’m hoping is his loving term of endearment for the smaller side of our house 🤔

We worked on small projects (inside) since this has turned into the winter that wouldn’t quit… SPRING WHERE ARE YOU!!!?! My sweet husband changed almost every single outlet in this house from old, fire hazard style, mismatched colors (brown and cream outlets, UGH) to beautiful, square white outlets that match all of the trim work. I know that outlets aren’t very exciting, but when everything matches, I’m a happy camper. In my Adirondack cabin, apparently. Ahem.

The temperature sailed above 70 this weekend, so when I saw a positively thrilling weekend forecast in my future, I did the most logical thing… Hopped on Amazon Prime and ordered us a new mailbox so we could spend the weekend replacing this sad creature.

Seriously, this is what we inherited. It did (barely) survive a run-in with the snow plow this winter, but the door refused to close all the way, leaving us with some damp mail on more than one occasion. One thing I’m trying to do is make some small changes that can up the curb appeal. It’s not like we’re trying to leave here anytime soon, but I’d really love for the house to look nice when people see it and avoid my mailman hating me, based on which direction the mailbox has chosen to lean that day.

I snagged a Mayne mailbox post that covers a standard 4X4 wood post, and we took a quick ride to Lowe’s for concrete. I seriously lifted our old Drunky Brewster mailbox out of the hole, and we got started on the replacement project.

This project was way easier than I thought – post into the hole, mix the concrete (right in the hole), make sure it’s level and smooth out.

My very own mason checking out his handiwork.

While we waited for the quick concrete to dry, Jordan applied a custom made decal to the mailbox. I sure love Etsy.

Then he covered the wooden post with the white post, added a few screws, and VOILA.


So there you have it. A new home for our snail mail, in a relatively snail-y month for us. We’re hoping that spring weather decides to make a permanent stand here shortly, because I can’t wait for our grass to turn green and the patio to get a spruce.

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